Coaching (Feedback 3)

Why everyone needs a coach.
coaching feedback

Deliberate Practice (Feedback 2)

Deliberate practice and peak performance.
perfomance feedback

Delivering Constructive Feedback (Feedback 1)

Approaches to deliver effective constructive feedback.

Tips for Better Meetings

Run great meetings.

Durable Decisions

Desicion outputs should not change if the inputs haven't changed.
decision making

Situational Leadership

Customize your style to match the person and situation for maximum effectiveness.
management situational leadership

Types Of 1-1s

1-1s come in many flavors.
1-1 meetings management

Software Quality, Bugs, and SLAs

Tools to manage software quality through bug prioritization with a live Coda doc.
engineering execution quality

Strategy and Tactics

Differentiating strategy from tactics
strategy tactics leadership

Hiring Engineering Leaders

Everything you need to know about hiring engineering leaders.
hiring engineering management