Rushabh Doshi

I am an engineering and product leader, currently serving as the CPO @ where we’re making the world financially healthier. Previously, I led product or engineering teams at Facebook and YouTube, helping build products used by hundreds of millions of people.

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January, 2022

Digit + Oportun

Happy New Year! We got acquired!
November, 2021


Using practices of continuous delivery to improve the performance of software engineering teams.
August, 2021

Working Backwards

Key leadership ideas from Amazon. Establish leadership principles. Create single-threaded leadership. Communicate using longform and ban powerpoint. Depict your flywheel and focus on defining and understanding controllable input metrics.
August, 2021

Taming Slack

Slack is a great tool, if used wisely. Tips on using slack like a pro.
May, 2021

Are Your Lights On

Summary of Are Your Lights On by Gerald M Weinberg and Donald C Gause.
April, 2021

Building Cathedrals

Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?
April, 2021

Complex Problem Solving: The Ever Given Saga

Solve complex problems using Mind Maps.
February, 2021


An implementation of codenames using Coda
February, 2021


Summary of Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.
February, 2021


Summary of Burnout by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski.

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