Joining Digit

April 7, 2020

Hello Digit

Non-COVID news: I’ve joined Digit as Chief Product Officer.

We are living through unprecedented times. Humanity is collectively battling an enemy that we cannot see, one that doesn’t recognize national boundaries, and kills without remorse. The economic impact is horrendous. Nearly 6 million people have filed unemployment claims in the US in the last week alone [source] — a number never before seen in our country.

When people lose their livelihoods, they need cash to survive. Emergency funds are built for hard times, such as the ones we are experiencing right now. However, saving money, when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, is incredibly hard. Human psychology works against you. We are wired to think in the present and to value immediate rewards. We need tremendous will power to look at every paycheck, and put some money away for a rainy day.

Digit started as an app to help people save. You connect your checking account to Digit, it analyzes your cash flow, and it intelligently moves your money to a Rainy Day Fund. You don’t think about saving money, but you’re saving. It is magical. Nobody wants to lose their job, but if it happens, at least you have some money saved up.

Digit helps people

Digit helps people

Digit’s mission is to make financial health effortless for everyone. Our app supports saving for any goal, not just a Rainy Day. We help you automatically pay off your student loans. We help you automatically pay credit cards in advance to reduce your debt. The list of features is long and growing. We want people to feel less anxious about money, knowing that Digit is there to help them become and remain financially healthy. If the worst happens, and you lose your job because of a global pandemic, Digit is there to help.

Joining a company is a big decision. Being genuinely in love with the mission is a requirement, but it is not sufficient. Work is a large part of life. I believe in working with great people — who have done amazing things, are smart and driven, and above all, are exceptional human beings.

I have known Ethan Bloch, Digit’s founder and CEO, since 2017. I have always admired Ethan’s leadership — he stays true to his values and the mission, and does not hesitate to make hard calls. He has been a friend and someone I seek out for advice and counsel. Over time, he has built an exceptional leadership team with Michael Murray, Vishwas Prabhakara, Carolyn Satenberg, Karthik Hariharan, and Samar Shah. I’m thrilled to join this crew and call them colleagues and friends, along with Ryan Nier, our head of Legal and Compliance.

Digit is a fantastic company with great people who are dedicated to the company’s mission. We’re growing, and we’re hiring, virus be damned. We are looking for product designers and product engineers who love building products that help people. If you’re excited about our mission to make financial health effortless for everyone, come join us!