January, 2022

Digit + Oportun

Happy New Year! We got acquired!
August, 2021

Taming Slack

Slack is a great tool, if used wisely. Tips on using slack like a pro.
April, 2021

Building Cathedrals

Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?
April, 2021

Complex Problem Solving: The Ever Given Saga

Solve complex problems using Mind Maps.
February, 2021


September, 2020

The Humble Note-Taker

Start by taking notes.
April, 2020

Joining Digit

I'm joining Digit as CPO!
March, 2020

Welcome To Remote Work

In 2020, we all work at a remote-first company.
February, 2020

4 Interesting Reads - Feb '20

Growth strategy, fast trains, slack and deep work, the business of AI.