Building Cathedrals

Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?
motivation leadership

Complex Problem Solving: The Ever Given Saga

Solve complex problems using Mind Maps.
problem-solving mind-maps


new year

The Humble Note-Taker

Start by taking notes.
pm note-taking leadership onboarding

10 Tips For Using OKRs Effectively

Use OKRs like a boss.
okrs planning leadership execution

Joining Digit

I'm joining Digit as CPO!
digit job

Welcome To Remote Work

In 2020, we all work at a remote-first company.
remote work COVID19

4 Interesting Reads - Feb '20

Growth strategy, fast trains, slack and deep work, the business of AI.
interesting reads growth speed deep work AI

3 Frameworks For Making Complex Decisions

Making complex decisions is hard. 3 frameworks that help.
decision making frameworks leadership

4 Interesting Reads - Jan '20

Measuring your life, functional vs. unit organizations, phases of innovation, hire smarter than the market.
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