August 08, 2021

Working Backwards

Key leadership ideas from Amazon. Establish leadership principles. Create single-threaded leadership. Communicate using longform and ban powerpoint. Depict your flywheel and focus on defining and understanding controllable input metrics.
April 04, 2021

Building Cathedrals

Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?
February 02, 2021


Summary of Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.
September 09, 2020

The Humble Note-Taker

Start by taking notes.
February 02, 2020

3 Frameworks For Making Complex Decisions

Making complex decisions is hard. 3 frameworks that help.
January 01, 2020

On Execution

Create rituals to help your team execute like a boss.
October 10, 2019

Strategy and Tactics

Differentiating strategy from tactics